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When she walked away ...

When she walked away, it was not because she listened to her friend for the 1000th time. Cause she never will. It was not because he cheated. Cause deep down she knows he will again. It was not because her mom warned her. When she walked away, it was because she’s had enough. Enough of the disrespect. The arguing. The strain it left between friends and family. She left because she woke up one day and realize that she’s been fighting for the wrong thing. She’s been fighting for love that’s been long gone. She’s been holding onto him as a crutch because she doesn’t want to start over again. She will never listen when you tell her to leave him. Cause she knows she should. She knows she’s worth more. She’s not ready yet. Be patient with her. Because when she leaves, she’ll flee. Never looking back. And she’ll grow. She’ll blossom. She’ll learn what it feels to be broken and create art out of her remaining pieces. She’ll bounce back. Because he can leave as many times as he wants, he’ll always be back. But once she leaves, she’ll be gone. Forever.


#heartbreak #love

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