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We are all just occupying space on earth right now. Space that has been lended to us and we have no control on when it would be taken away. STOP LIVING FOR TOMORROW, STOP TELLING YOURSELF YOU HAVE TIME, life is unpredictable. You don’t ever know when it’s your time to go until it’s too late. Cherish your time on earth. Do that thing you love to do. Forgive that person; not for them but for yourself. Follow your heart, Follow your most naughty desires. BE FREE. BE YOU. LIVE LIFE UNAPOLOGETIC-ALLY. And give everyone their flowers while they are still here. Don’t wait until they’re gone to tell social media how great they were. Call them, check up on them, let them know everyday how much you care. Remember that we can only live for today , yesterday is gone and tomorrow will never be promised.

Love Today


#life #death

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