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When you love ...

When you love, love hard. Love with everything in you and some more. Love consciously. Love carefully. Don’t confuse love for lust. Don’t mistake loneliness for companionship. Don’t ever settle because it’s convenient. Love has no timing. Love rarely makes sense. But when love arrives, the sun shines again. The rainy days fade. The anxiety calms and your vision is clear. Love is a test. Love will break you just to build you back up. Love will never come at the “right time”. You will have to fight for love. You will have to find it in yourself before you can find it in someone else. While you are young, do not long for love. Do not force love. Be free. Learn the language of love. Learn how you need to be loved. So when love arrives, you’ll be able to invite them in with open arms. Until then , love yourself. Love yourself. Love You ❤️



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